Becoming a Webhead in Vancouver

This page of my blog is dedicated to thoughts/projects in my Becoming a Webhead course through EVO 2013.  
Actually, my task was to create a blog/wiki to showcase these items, but after having tried to start a blog using Wordpress, I just got frustrated and decided to come back to something I was familiar and comfortable with.  So, instead of creating a new blog, I have just created a new page in my blog.  I also find that I'm not really using this blog that I made last year, so this way it will get used and I'll only have one site to think about.

Now, I made a comment about the live Eluminate session conducted by Graham Stanley and promised to post that here so that anyone who wants to can try to give some persuasive reasons for me to join and use Twitter.  Here's the post:

To Tweet or not to Tweet - that is question.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to answer in the negative.  I resisted Twitter for a long time and finally opened an account (under an alias as I often do to test something out).  Just couldn't get into it.  I am not interested in following or being followed by strangers (yes, I know one can develop great cyberfriendships) but I spend enough time at the computer already.  I find that links and more links often take up time that could be better spent with real life friends & family.  Many have tried to convince me to join the masses.  Sorry, Graham, you haven't succeeded.  I'm going to post this comment in my Blog, so if anyone has any great ideas to spark my Twitter interest, feel free to add them.

Okay, here's a Voki I just created - fun - could be useful for giving instructions, assignments,...

Just discovered thanks to our live session.  I didn't create this one, but found it relevant as we just celebrated Groundhog Day in North America.


  1. Hi, Kerry. I am webheading this year and had the same doubts today. Anyway, I created an account, but I also feel it is better to chirp with my wonderful son. You look amazing in your good days. :))

  2. Hi Kerry, love your post about twitter. It's honest and to the point. I have been using Twitter for almost 3 years now, and I don't tweet too much. I would agree with you, sometimes being online can mean neglecting your family. It is difficult to find the good recepie to all this, but I am trying to do it every day.
    Good luck with your blogging, I hope to read more interesting post.
    Marijana, Baw13, week 3 mod